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Windows Mobile Applications

We provide end-to-end services in Windows Mobile Application development for our clients.
windows mobile applications CODEA is a professional mobile application development company and has rich experience in developing applications that run on Window mobile platform. We provide end-to-end services in Windows application development for our clients.

Due to its wide range of user friendly applications, windows mobile applications are liked by millions of mobile phone users. Corporate and businesses are the most active among them. Windows platform is preferred by both technical and non-technical people.

There is no limitation for the variety of apps that we provide as a solution to our customers. We develop the apps according to the requirements with proper analysis.

You can also enjoy our best consultations from our experts who can provide you with useful tips to make your apps development complete.

The Windows supports the development of business apps with multiple features to manage all your office documents on the mobile. We utilize all the advantageous features of Windows platform to deliver the most entertaining apps for you.

Recent Apps

Shop Deal

Shop deal is an application developed to help users to find out shops in their current location which provides discount or offer deals for a particular commodity. The display results includes details regarding the price,comparison of the product discount in different shops. He can also see the discount offer in a particular shop from where he is interested in making a purchase. Shop deal is a GPS based application ,but this application also provides the facility to conduct a manual search of an offer in a different location.. The main purpose of this application is to help users to purchase materials with discounts and offers and compare deals and discounts. The application has two options one is automatic and one is manual.

In automatic option the application automatically detect the actual location with the help of GPS and display nearby shop details when the user initiates a search. The result of this search provides surrounding shop names and the user can view the details of each shop using a single click and also provide an option to know the different goods in that shop. By using another single click the user can find the details of product.

The main advantage of this automatic option is that , the user can know the price and discount details of each product in different shop without visit to the shops .

Admin can control the display details of each search result. That is if the admin don’t want to display a particular shop name then the admin can avoid that particular shop from the display results.

The second option is manual . The manual option provides two facility to the user. The first one is the user can search shop details of particular place as user wish. That means the application provide the facility to search shop details based location that he/she enter. The main advantage of this facility is that the user can know entire details of products in different shops in a particular location without going shopping.

The second facility that provide the advantage of user to search a particular item details in particular shop. The advantage of this application is that, the architecture and functionalities are scalable and can accommodate more details according to the requirement.

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Seek my Hotel

Shop Deal

Seek my Hotel is a GPS based application developed to help users to find out the surrounding hotels based on the fooditem they search . The application automatically detects the location of the device and list the hotels in that location. The application has two option one is normal and another which is advanced.

In normal option the application automatically finds out the location and when the user click the search button, it display allthe available hotels near to the location. The application admin can control the display details.That is if the admin don’t want to display a particular hotel name then he can remove that particular hotel name from the results.

In the case of advanced option, application provide some advanced features for searching. Using this option user can conduct search based on particular criteria such as hotels with bar etc...The user can define the search criteria including search of hotels in a remote destination .In this case also the admin has the option to control the display details.