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Codea Technologies Inc.
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Case Studies: Where words weave minds together…

What we find Changes Who We Become
- Peter Morville

A redesigned website that we got tailored to the specific requirements of our client in the business of selling boating accessories online. Codea helped them increase their traffic and thereby online revenue. In tune with the latest technological trends, we could successfully put to use our laudable skill in developing second generation customized internet applications, which are commonly known as Web 2.0 Apps.


The client had approached us seeking ways to boost their online client base and bring forth a subsequent augmentation in their online sales. We opted for a Web 2.0-based system and could make a huge difference. Our expertise in Web 2.0 application development proved highly beneficial as we could provide high-end solutions for them.

Results Achieved

  • Online revenue increased tremendously. We could make a positive impact in their online business.
  • They could expand their customer base as thousands of new memberships were created through online membership sign-up feature
  • They could keep clients well-updated on news and events through social media platforms


After extensive brainstorming sessions, we decided to get the present website thoroughly revamped. We chose to go by a comprehensive and user-generated website design. We knew that every user flow, every page, each button and each link needed to undergo change to bring in freshness and novelty.

Once the complete plan was approved, we equipped ourselves with properly developed wire frames. The real task was yet to begin. Our design team embarked enthusiastically on the project. With strict adherence to the set deadlines, they came up with brilliant dummy pages for each section. We then entrusted each of these vibrant pages to our development team, who also rose up to the challenge and completed all the required applications in time. A perfect blend of technological innovation and current social trends, we could create ideal web solutions in the Web 2.0 application development. Much to the satisfaction of the client, the redesigned web pages did its job neat when it finally got unveiled.


The redesigned website was far more effective in driving traffic. It resulted in a considerable increase in their customer base. We are indeed proud that we could put to use our extensive expertise in Web 2.0 application, to combine creativity and technology, which has been rightly reflected in the new design.