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maximizing social media for your business.

Without Visibility Your Website is Worthless Without traffic, your website is just a bunch of pages - never visited by anyone, never found by anyone, just occupying the server space year after year for no reason.

Our website promotion services are targeted to drive more and more traffic to your website. A website can be promoted in several ways. Selection of a promotion method depends on your goals, your target visitors and your budget.

The first step to success of your website initiative lies in generating quality traffic to your website, which in-turn requires website's visibility amongst those prospects who are already looking for your product/service offering, or those who may be looking for the same. Internet marketing offers various effective mechanisms to suit your target market, budget and end objective.

We being one of the leading players in Interactive Media space for over years excel in providing you best Internet marketing mix for your website

social media promotion Codea Internet Marketing also include keyword-research, SE-specific Content Plan, Meta Tags, Content Creation and recommendations for existing or proposed Content. We also offer post-optimization services (internet marketing) such as Periodic Reports pertaining to the current listing of your Site on various Search Engines, analysis of Keywords used etc.

With the exponential increase in Internet user base across the globe (particularly in the subcontinent) and popularity of the medium, it becomes pivotal to focus holistically on online marketing needs for not only promoting your website but also to complement your other offline marketing activities. The key to this lies in choosing comprehensive and strategic mix of online promotion activities suiting your kind of business. Having successfully implemented various marketing project for our client organization, we would surely be one of the best organization in suggesting and implementing right mix of Internet marketing services for your website. Please feel free to contact us; our sales consultant would contact you to understand the requirement and come up with adequate suggested solution.

We have adopted a 3-Phase Process for SEO of your Website.

In the 1st Phase, our Web Designers and Analysts determine the existing status of your Website with respect to its Rankings in various Search Engines.

In 2nd Phase After we have identified the things to do for optimizing your Website, our SEO Team transforms your content as well as design to enable higher Search Engine Rankings.

In the 3rd and final stage, we help you buy effective space for your Banners and create the Conversion & Retention Strategy for you maintain higher rankings for your Website for a longer duration. We also help you track the Returns on all the that you undertake for SEO by accurately determining the increase in numbers and type of Visitors that have visit your site.


Investment of time and effort in the website will deliver only when there is the required visibility. More traffic leads to more sales.. With the help of successful web promotion you will:

  • Increase visibility of your business
  • Outnumber your competitors
  • Improve creditability and marketing value of your business
  • Increase the number of visitors accessing pages of your site
  • Increase number of sales or business offers
  • Increase the number of returned visitors
  • Open new markets for your business worldwide
  • Increase your profits
  • Save money on marketing and promotion costs

Social Media Services

Facebook Branding

No doubt, Facebook is one among the most popular social networking sites these days. It connects people around the world without any limitation of geographical boundaries. You can expect users from almost every category on Facebook. It is obvious that Facebook is basically a social network and not a business network. Then why should a business invest their time and effort in creating and updating a Facebook Fan page? The reason is that even if you don’t get any direct business from the people who liked your page, having a page is surely going to do numerous favors for you. Some of the most prominent among them are discussed below.


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