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SEO Case Studies


A law firm in Maryland approached us to enhance traffic to their website, especially at the local level.

Results Achieved

  • They could successfully experience a comprehensive boost in their search engine traffic. Got top Google rankings due to the increased usage of keywords.
  • Enjoyed enhanced search engine traffic
  • Obtained greater inbound links
  • Garnered increased traffic from search engines
  • Acquired better local search engine traffic through specifically optimized Google Places listings


We began the game through an extensive Search Engine Optimization campaign that helped us in establishing new inbound links to the company website. As the focus was on boosting traffic at the local level, we strategically shifted our focus to optimization of Google Places listings. Thus we could bring in a substantial rise in the number of local visitors. We went on to redesign the site and got it launched with adequate inter site linking. (case studies)

After the re-launch, our team got busy with complete optimization of website pages for search engines. We ensured that valuable content is properly highlighted. We knew that nothing could substitute refined and worthy content. Catchy content is sure to get picked up by major blogs and websites in due course.

Once the search engine optimization campaign got completed, we devised effective methods to drive traffic to the website at a low cost per visitor. We quickly implemented onsite edits and optimization and at the same time launched a link-building promotion to garner new referral traffic and other targeted links. [save it to your browser name (case studies)]

Thanks to our strategic campaign, we could deliver precisely what our client wanted. Through detailed onsite-optimizations, planned link-building exercises and continuous keyword analysis, we were able to increase their non-branded organic search traffic drastically.

We take pride in that our team of assorted experts ranging from business consultants to content writers could successfully implement a winning marketing strategy without crossing the allocated budget.


The efforts proved to be rewarding. There occurred a terrific rise in their general traffic. The final output, in fact, surpassed all expectations. There was also a large increase in local visitors. All these factors positively contributed towards enhanced online marketing and in turn augmented revenue.