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Real Aug Video
Enormous Business Implications Possible With Real Aug Video

Customers are ready to be awed, but the amount of incredulity you can generate with the concept of Augmented Reality, makes it even more special. Once you download the application released by Codea, you can see its magic. Select an advertisement that is devised for augmented reality, open the application and scan the image with the camera in your android phone or tablet. Immediately a video player will appear on the advertisement and you will be able to view its video version. The amazing technology in augmented reality enables you to see a digital version in the print medium. It is a value addition to the advertisement.

How do you use Real Aug Video App?

You can use your smartphone or tablet to get to Google play or Appstore. Once in, your search for Real Aug Video app will reveal the product released by Codea. You can then install the app in your device and ensure it is compatible with it. Once installed, you can point the camera to the object and it will allow you to scan the image of anything that you want. It could be anearby restaurant, real estate institute, anything you want information about. Once the images are displayed, you can watch the show while it unfolds. Experts in video marketing is adopting this revolutionary technology to bridge the gap between consumers and computers, making it possible to gauge information about any product, provided the user remains online.

With the innovative app released by Codea, we can enrich your print ads by providing enhanced digital experiences for your client. The space limitations in the print media always used to deter many advertisers from concentrating on this medium. However, with the advent of augmented reality, layers of information can be added and the images come alive with exciting titbits and information. Similarly, when this app is used on a commercial building, the user can enjoy information about the different companies in the building, including their history, new developments and job postings. Users looking for information about coupons to redeem, new restaurants to dine and new movies to watch can make use of this app. The distinction between what's real and what's computer generated is diminished to a certain degree. It works by combining virtual reality and real world environment to generate information and create a new level of interaction with customers.

Brands and companies can provide rich user experience to all its visitors and customers, thanks to its heightened level of engagement and interaction. The fact that companies do not have to invest too much in this technology makes it even more successful. This is just like carrying a television and internet in your pocket, but with enhanced features.

Quick benefits of Real Aug Video

  • Enjoy higher conversion rates
  • Generate better brand management
  • Gain an edge over your competitors
  • Incorporate interactive marketing strategies
  • Go viral

With the extended technologies released with the app, users can send pictures of their images and share them through social networks. It will definitely help get word across, with recipients making their own respective changes and sharing them again.

Real Aug Video is thus, a handy, potent computing technology that will transport users to an entirely different platform that has never been explored.

Real Aug 3D

Real Aug 3D

Digital craftsmanship has taken a whole new level in interactive experience by allowing users to superimpose 3D images with real time videos captured by your phone camera. This concept of Augmented Reality has taken the world by storm with companies clamoring to ascend the proverbial ladder of success.

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