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Codea Technologies Inc.
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Android Applications

Real Aug 3D
An engaging way of educating and amusing your customers!
Digital craftsmanship has taken a whole new level in interactive experience by allowing users to superimpose 3D images with real time videos captured by your phone camera. This concept of Augmented Reality has taken the world by storm with companies clamoring to ascend the proverbial ladder of success. Real Aug 3D is an augmented reality app released by Codea and it aims to generate real time interaction with any brand that aligns itself to this new concept. Through this virtual technology, products seem to come alive,creating an illusion of following their instincts, and these images are viewed in incredible detail. It would take all you have to desist from reaching out and touching those realistic looking images.

We create a unique digital experience to our clients, enabling your own existing and prospective clients to reach out to your product in a way you have never deemed was possible. We aim to help you deliver the best retail experience ever experienced and bring your clients closer to your brand, delivering memorable experiences that even words cannot execute.

How it Works ?

With Real Aug 3D, released by Codea we embed the latest digital information gleaned about the product, so users get an enhanced view of the product, complete with realistic images. The process is ridiculously simple. Once you download the app from the playstore in your smartphone, you can point the camera and scan any printed image that is integrated with Real Aug 3D virtual reality features. You fuse reality with computer generated content or images.Our app can be used in any Android based phone. You can see the images transformed before your very eyes, making them work like magic. However, you need reliable internet connection to make this appwork to its optimal level and your device, compatible.With our impressive image processing techniques and enhanced computer vision techniques, we are able to make the images look natural, realistic and precisely aligned with the environment. Our application will give you a seamless experience in advanced computer vision and 3D modeling. Our images look authentic as they are crafted with a good grasp of texturing, shading and finally, rendering.

How AR Can Change Your Business

Through smartphones and tablets, millions of people are able to stay at the forefront of this cutting edge technology embedded in Real Aug 3D App. Just by scanning the label on the product you are selling, people are offered links to your website or affiliated sites. Suppose you are selling branded shoes, you can integrate this App with exciting features that makes your print ad come alive. There would be links to your website displaying more products, informative content on choosing them and so on. The possibilities are enormous and definitely endless.You can add layers of information to the existing content, adding music, sounds and even videos. The AR version of a product actually enthuse a person to buy a product when compared to his chances of buying it through a print ad. The sale of smartphones is expected to rise to two million in the 20-14-2015 period, so you can just imagine the reach.

Real Aug Video

Harvest fest

Customers are ready to be awed, but the amount of incredulity you can generate with the concept of Augmented Reality, makes it even more special. Once you download the application released by Codea, you can see its magic.

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