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iPhone iOS 5 Application Development

IPhone iOS 5 Application Development
iPhone iOS 5 Application Development Codea offer you skilled iOs 7 developers who provide you with intellectual IPhone app development services. They bear in mind the feasibility and compatibility from the new applications together with your current device. They gain extensive understanding and analyse the most recent version ofiOs 7 and it is latest applications for better knowledge of features. Our developers offer greater productivity and utmost precision. If you are on the lookout for an IPhone app development company in the USA, Codea would be the chosen one

iOs is a versatile working framework created and conveyed by Apple Inc. It was initially discharged in 2007 for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and Apple TV. iOs is gotten from OS X, with which it shares the Darwin establishment. IOs is Apple's versatile form of the OS X working framework utilized as a part of Apple PCs.

The iOs SDK has evolved from 1.0 to 6.0. iOs 6.0, the latest SDK is the only officially supported version in Xcode 4.5 and higher. We have rich Apple documentation and we can find which methods and libraries can be used based on our deployment target. In the current version of Xcode, we’ll be able to choose between deployment targets of iOs 4.3, 5.0 and 6.0.

The number of users using iPhone/iPad has increased a great deal. This creates the opportunity for developers to make money by creating applications for iPhone and iPad the Apple's App Store.

For a person new to iOs, Apple has planned an application store where the client can purchase applications created for their iOs gadgets. A designer can make both free and paid applications to App Store. To create applications and disperse to the store, the designer will require to enlist with iOs engineer program which costs $99 a year and a Mac with Mountain Lion or higher for its improvement with most recent Xcode.

Registering as an Apple Developer

An Apple ID is most necessary if you are having any Apple device and being a developer, you definitely need it. It's free and hence, no issues in having one. The benefits of having an Apple account are as follows −
  • Access to development tools.
  • Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) videos.
  • Can join iOs developer program teams when invited.

To register an Apple account, follow the steps given below

Step 1 − Click the link ( select "Create Apple ID"

iPhone iOS 7 Application Development

Step 2 − Provide the necessary information, which is self-explanatory as given in the page.

Step 3 − Verify your account with your email verification and the account becomes active.

Step 4 − Now you will be able to download the developer tools like Xcode, which is packaged with iOs simulator and iOs SDK, and other developer resources

The language used in iOs development is objective C. It is an object-oriented language and hence, it would be easy for those who have some background in object-oriented programming languages.

The brand new iPhone OS 5 has additionally found great recognition among iPhone customers since it enables these to:
  • Enjoy an continuous multitasking experience
  • Get personalized wallpapers for home screen
  • Setup unified mailbox and threaded email
  • Spell check both native and third-party applications
  • Create and manage files and folders easily
  • Better camera with geo location facility
  • Enjoy gaming with accelerometer along with other tools

Benefits of iOS5 Application & iPhone5 Features

  • Easy to use Accessibility features
  • Multi-Touch Interface
  • Performance Stability
  • Fast Multi-tasking
  • Compatible with ample mobile apps
  • Safe & Secure Data Access
  • Built-in Parental Controls
  • Ready for Business Apps
  • Free iOS Software Anytime Update

Features of iOS5 Application Development

  • iCloud Storage
  • Multitasking Gestures
  • Notification Center
  • iMessage & Social Networking
  • News Stand Kit
  • Reminders & Calendar
  • Mail & Web Browsing
  • Camera, Photos & Videos
  • Wi-Fi Sync
  • PC Free & Easy Accessibility

Codea iOS5 Application Developers Provide

  • Notification & Alerts App
  • Twitter & Facebook Integration
  • Automatic Reference Counting
  • Location Simulation
  • Storyboards & X-Code
  • AirPlay Stream Mirroring App
  • Game Center APIs
  • iOS5 Game Development
  • iBooks App
  • Backup App
  • Friend-spotting App
  • Develop Safari Extensions
  • Develop in-house iOS App

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Our Work Methodology

Understanding Requirements – At this stage we first analyze your requirement to give you the best result.
Testing & Implementation – To give you best quality services, we prefer deep testing by our expert iPhone Application Developers & Mobile Application Programmers.
– This last phase includes final setup with the solution tune up and support.

Get superior iPhone OS 5 applications developed in your financial allowance and time-frame. Drop us an inquiry and our experts will respond within next 24 hrs.