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What we find Changes Who We Become
- Peter Morville

We could augment pay-per-click ROI of our client List Found through strategically employing optimized tools like product listing ads as well as competent bid management..

Results Achieved

  • Considerable rise in pay-per-click marketing
  • Could bring down Cost-Per-Conversion
  • Could quickly fetch them quite many ‘Likes’ in leading social networking sites such as Facebook.


We were entrusted with the task of generating a higher return on their investment within their pay-per-click marketing channel. List Found also sought guidance and help in establishing a highly interactive and appropriate social media audience for their Facebook business page. We take pride in that we could help them achieve all these targets within the stipulated time period, not exceeding the budget allocated for the purpose.


Our initial attempt was to improve their pay-per-click marketing campaign, which was also our main mission. To accomplish this task, we naturally made use of Google product listing ads. We tried various combinations of bids and soon came out with the right blend of product listing ads and traditional adwords text ads. Thanks to the committed efforts of our marketing team who did a commendable job here, we could now perch on a dominant position over their competitors.

But we did not stop with that. We went ahead to provide the much-needed support to their pay-per-click marketing campaign by streamlining their ad copy with precision. We could easily win for them a competitive edge over their competitors by introducing ad copies that clearly mentioned about their product pricing and other current discounts on offer. Through the introduction of such obvious pricing details in the ad copies we could easily ensure that their ad budget was spent exclusively on those visitors who are very much aware of the product price.

We also launched an effective social media campaign through which we helped them establish a firm bond with their Facebook audience. Much to the surprise of our client, they obtained good many number of ‘Likes’ on Facebook.

Moreover, in order to avoid overlapping in keyword targeting amongst the various ad groups of our client, we implemented embedded keyword matching technique. Such a measure also decreased their average cost per click significantly.

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