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Codea Technologies Inc.
719 Carmans Road, Massapequa Park
New York 11762
Tel : 1-516 874 9939, 1-516-998-3254
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Flash/ Flex Developement

Flash/ Flex Development

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The header of your website has a great effect. "Effect is the blessing of animations". There are a number of technologies that web designers use to create animation, including:

  • Animated GIFs
  • Dynamic HTML
  • Java
  • Shockwave and Flash

At Codea we offer all these services for our clienteles but among the all the Flash seems non compatible animation software.

What will you get with the Flash designing and Programming at Codea

  • Web banners
  • Presentations: Animated flash presentation
  • Flash flipping book
  • Port-folios: Corporate CD or digital brochure
  • Slide shows: PowerPoint to flash conversion
  • Flash intro or flash animated logo
  • Play background music, voice-overs and click sounds
  • In flash: Import photos, screenshots, Flash clip-arts, animated GIFs and video files
  • Flash CMS
  • Internet cartoons
  • Web comic
  • Use of Action-script 2.0 / 3.0 to handle scripting

Web 3D

In near future, Web3D (papervision 3D) will deliver an interactive, immersive experience richer than the static, text-oriented or even interactive graphical interfaces of today's Web. In the new world of work that Web3D will enable, people will be represented visually by avatars that can move in space, communicate with others, and interact with objects and information — making the digital world seem more like the real world.

People will use Web3D to teach and learn, innovate collaboratively, communicate and network, interact with and present information, and manage real-world systems.

Now a days 3d design is a success with 3D retail environments in which products can be rotated and manipulated in three dimensions. Other uses include multi-user games, e-learning applications, data visualization and warehousing, and collaborative design and engineering.

At Codea Flash and Flax designers and artists are capable to

  • Add 3D-content in web pages
  • Blogs
  • Google pages
  • Community presentations
  • Interactive 3D graphics and immersive systems for servers, desktop and thin clients
  • Integration and interoperation with 3D Documents and Web/Multimedia technologies, including the Semantic Web
  • Methods for modeling and rendering complex geometry, structure and behaviors
  • Innovative 3D graphics applications for Web/Multimedia in industry, science, medicine, and education
  • Applications on mobile devices and more

Web Application Development

Flash Animation & Scripting

flash applications

Flash technology has become a popular method for adding animation and interactivity to web pages. Flash has every things that one rich programming interface should posses. From light weight vector drawing tools to animation capabilities to play in real time and finally all coding capacities derived from Action Scripting for both client sides to server side with PHP coding integration and now with iPhone in ultimate future. The biggest plus point for Flash is its player that is always browser compatible for any one and its free down load has reached up to 98% usage in net users.

Flash Animation & Elements

flash applications

Web page animation can be used to draw attention to a specific product or service or just to add a little bling bling to your Web site. Flash Design can be used to create moving elements, which are then embedded within your Web site to add an edge to the overall image and effectiveness of your design and message.

Flash elements give a professional and interactive feel to your Web site without distracting your Web site visitor from the reason they went there. Flash elements do not slow down the loading speed of your Web site and are perfect for sites that receive a mixture of high and low bandwidth visitors.